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How to Avoid a DUI Conviction in Los Angeles, CA

So you had a few drinks, and thinking you were okay to drive, got behind the wheel, and started driving.  Next thing you know, lights are flashing behind you, and there's a voice over the loud speaker ordering you to pull over.  Then the police orders you out of your vehicle, and asks you to submit to a battery of tests.  These tests include, but are not limited to following: the finger to nose test, the walk & turn test, the internal balance test, the internal clock test, the Horizontal Nystagmus Test, and etc.  These roadside gymnastic exercises are not required to be performed.  The police officer however will not tell you that.  These tests are designed to establish a slam dunk case for the prosecution.  Instead of performing theses tests, politely tell the officer that "I would love to submit to the field sobriety tests, but my lawyer has advised me not to do so."  

The officer will then ask you to submit to a Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test.  You don't have to, but the officer will never tell you about that.  Again, politely decline to take the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test.  Tell the officer: "I would love to take this test, but my lawyer has advised me not to do so."  Instead submit to a "chemical test" only.  That is what's required pursuant to the implied consent laws of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We recommend that you take a blood test.  That way, the blood sample is saved, and we can retest the sample for good measure.  


Then you contact Mr. Nosratabadi.  Having successfully resolved, and tried countless Driving Under the Influence cases, we are confident that he can reach a favorable outcome in your case.  

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