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Warrant Defense Attorney

Warrants are court orders issued to law enforcement agencies for the arrest of individuals wanted by the court. Warrants are usually issued when there is a failure to comply with a court or probation order, appear at a hearing, pay fines, to complete court ordered programs and requirements. You will also be notified that such a warrant has been issued by mail. For serious offenses however, the courts will not notify an individual about the warrant as they fear that the individual may flee the court’s jurisdiction. When arrested for an outstanding warrant, an individual is incarcerated until they are heard by a magistrate. If you have an outstanding bench warrant, please contact us immediately in order to avoid arrest and further jail time.

An experienced attorney will be able to recall misdemeanor bench warrants without an individual’s presence pursuant to Penal Code Section 977(a). The attorney may even be able to ask the court to release you on your own recognizance instead of posting bail. Felony bench warrants however require the personal appearance of the defendant before any warrant can be recalled.

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